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Brand Strategy
Logo Design
Identity design
Roxana Mihai (web developement)


Yarn-Log is a company specialized in software engineering who runs in 2022. They are a small company with some big clients name and aim to create software engineering project such as Artificial intelligence and moreā€¦
Our collaboration start in the summer of 2022 with nothing in mind but the goal of the company. At first we start with brand strategy, defining the target, the positioning, doing some brand audit and looking for competitors.


The work we have done has led us to the creation of the name. What emerged from the analysis of the work is that what we do is transform complicated and intricate projects into something concrete, easy to use, and also visually appealing if necessary. It’s a bit like what a yarn does with wool. And that’s how the name Yarn was born, which we decided to combine with the term “log” to indicate the reference sector and not appear as a textile company.


Using simple lines and drawing inspiration from the language of the digital and tech world, we created a logo that symbolically represents a yarn ball, which is the brand’s symbol. We combined this with a squared yet elegant font and vibrant fluorescent colors that evoke a tech environment while avoiding a sterile feel. Our idea was to incorporate colors reminiscent of Tokyo, a city that represents modernity and technology to us, but also deep culture and liveliness.