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My name is Simone Sgarro, and I am a graphic designer with a decade of experience under my belt. Currently, I’m part of the Artefatto team, and my batcave is based in the enchanting city of Turin, Italy.

What I Do

As a freelancer, my primary mission is to contribute to the growth of companies by delivering great value through visual communication. While I have a soft spot for sports and street culture firms, my portfolio reflects a diverse range of clients and industries.


The Importance of Brand Strategy

Some projects are all about creating visually stunning and captivating graphics, while others demand a more analytical approach. Throughout my graphic design career, I’ve gravitated toward the realm of brand strategy, making it an integral part of my projects. Brand strategy isn’t just about making things look good; it’s about achieving results. It’s what distinguishes a great brand identity designer from the rest of the pack. 🙂

Brand strategy

Defining a strategic roadmap to elevate your brand’s success.


Discovering the perfect name to represent your brand.

Logo design

Creating iconic logos that leave a lasting impression.

Digital presence

Enhancing your online presence through web design, social media, and digital marketing strategies.

There is no great work without great music! Here are some of the playlists I like to put on in the background while working

Warning! I love having music in the background, but sometimes it’s worth giving it the time it deserves. Take a moment to truly appreciate the music.