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Brand Strategy
Logo Design
Identity design


Web Developement by
Roxana Mihai

About the client

Kangrats, born in 2022, set out to revolutionize the world of job search. This innovative app, initially desktop-only, applies a matching system reminiscent of popular dating sites, but with a unique focus on helping individuals find their ideal job match.

How it started

In the summer of 2022, Kangrats approached us with a bold vision: to create a fresh visual identity for their company, starting with a unique name and extending to the development of their desktop application. Our collaboration began with a deep dive into brand strategy, where we meticulously analyzed the current job search landscape. This included crafting detailed user personas, understanding their preferences, and Kangrats contacted me in the summer of 2022 with the goal of creating a new visual identity for the company, starting from the naming and extending to the development of the desktop application. For several months, I worked exclusively on the brand strategy, analyzing the job search landscape today, working on user personas to target, understanding their preferences, and analyzing how I should position and advertise myself in such a saturated market.strategizing how to position Kangrats in a saturated market.

The name

I wanted a name that evoked the sense of satisfaction that comes with finding a new job. For this reason, I focused on the congratulations that someone receives when they find a job or even give themselves for achieving their goal. I didn’t want a name that was too explicit about what the app does but rather an evocative name. That’s why I decided to play with the word “Congrats” and combine it with a symbol, a mascot. And thus, Kangrats was born!
We immediately liked the idea of a kangaroo because it is an agile animal that jumps quickly from one point to another. Kangrats aims to make a process that is often difficult into an agile one.

The logo

The logo explicitly represents a happy kangaroo but combines it with a speech bubble because the company goal is to connect job seekers and employers and facilitate easy communication between them, bypassing the usual steps of the job search process.

The app

The digital presence is represented by the desktop application and the landing page. Both projects were developed by me in collaboration with the internal Kangrats team, who handled the back-end and algorithm. The User Experience of the project aims to create an intuitive app based on a proven and widely used matching system on other platforms.

The illustrations

The illustrations, created by me, play on the concepts of happiness and satisfaction when achieving a goal, and they use the kangaroo to craft a likable and easily memorable narrative. These illustrations place various kangaroos in different situations. The goal is to always remind everyone that job searching should not be a challenging process and that it is achievable in the world of Kangrats.