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SSC Bari


Brand Strategy
Identity design
Logo Design




SSC Bari is an Italian football team (currently playing in Serie B). Founded in 1905, it is one of the symbols of Italian football and, above all, one of the main representatives of the southern part of the country, which often struggles to emerge in a sector dominated by the three giants of the north (Juventus, Milan, and Inter).


The goal of this rebranding (which has never been proposed to the club) was to modernize the logo of the white and red team, also known as the “galletti” (roosters in English), while preserving their existing symbol. The rebranding includes a new color palette, with a slightly brighter shade of red than the historical one, combined with white, black, and gold.


The chosen font for the brand also follows a modern and easily readable style, and for this reason, Bebas was selected for the logo.
The objective of this brand system is not only to create the brand of a football team but also to establish a system that adapts to apparel and other merchandise that Bari fans can proudly wear and identify with.